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The Strategy of Socialist Revolution in the Imperialist Countries

27 Mar

(new)Italian Communist Party
Central Committee
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La Voce n. 43 of the (new)Italian Communist Party

March 2013

The Strategy of Socialist Revolution in the Imperialist Countries

Socialist revolution in Italy has the form of the Protracted Revolutionary People’s War against the Papal Republic

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In Italy the core of the Protracted Revolutionary People’s War consists

in constituting underground the Communist Party as center of the New People’s Power of the working class

in the growing mobilization and aggregation of all the revolutionary forces of the society around the communist party

in raising the level of the revolutionary forces

in their utilization according to a plan

for developing a sequence of initiatives putting the class fight at the centre of country’s political life in order to recruit new forces,

for weakening imperialist bourgeoisie’s power, breaking up or paralyzing its institutions and strengthening the New Power,

for succeeding in constituting the armed forces of the revolution,

for leading them in the war against the bourgeoisie until overturning the relations of forces,

for eliminating imperialist bourgeoisie’s State and establish the State of proletariat’s dictatorship.

Socialist revolution is not a popular insurrection (a revolt, an uprising, turning tables or something like this) that sooner or later will break out, that the Party hastens with its propaganda and fostering the popular struggles, preparing itself to head it. Socialist revolution is a war that the Party promotes and during which it builds the New Power. Continua a leggere

Viva Commander Hugo Chavez Frias!

21 Mar

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9/2013 CC Statement – 2013, March 5th
(    http://www.nuovopci.it/voce/comunicati/com2013/com.13.03.05b.htmItalian version )

Hugo Chavez has given a great impetus to the cause of the emancipation of the oppressed classes and peoples from the chains of the world imperialist system!


His life and his work continue in the second wave of proletarian revolution that advances all over the world!

Hugo Chavez Frias will go down in history and will have a growing place in the hearts and memories of all the peoples of the world. Over the years it will appear more and more clearly that the work he did in the years he led Venezuela has had historical importance for all peoples of the world. Continua a leggere