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Viva Commander Hugo Chavez Frias!

21 Mar

(nuovo)Partito comunista italiano

Comitato Centrale

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BP3 4, rue Lénine 93451 L’Île St Denis (Francia)

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9/2013 CC Statement – 2013, March 5th
(    http://www.nuovopci.it/voce/comunicati/com2013/com.13.03.05b.htmItalian version )

Hugo Chavez has given a great impetus to the cause of the emancipation of the oppressed classes and peoples from the chains of the world imperialist system!


His life and his work continue in the second wave of proletarian revolution that advances all over the world!

Hugo Chavez Frias will go down in history and will have a growing place in the hearts and memories of all the peoples of the world. Over the years it will appear more and more clearly that the work he did in the years he led Venezuela has had historical importance for all peoples of the world. Continua a leggere