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Let’s learn from Greece!

25 Feb
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Central Committee Statement 7/2015 – February 18, 2015

This is useless for hurried readers!
This statement presupposes readers who follow the course of events in their country and in the world, who want to think for themselves on it and find the solution to change its direction towards the moral and intellectual progress of mankind.
Who does not want to give solution to the problems, it ends up to no longer even understand them (Charles Fourier).

Let’s learn from Greece!
Let’s strengthen the fight to establish the People’s Bloc Government!
Let’s strengthen the new Italian Communist Party! 

he constitution of Tsipras government in Greece is the first result of the struggle of Greek popular masses against the effects of the general crisis of capitalism. It will soon leave free range to the advancement of the socialist revolution thanks to the action of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) or it will turn into the reactionary mobilization of the masses. However, already today it is an event of great importance not only for the Greek popular masses, but also Continua a leggere