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Basque Country – An army who learns from his own defeats is meant to win!

15 Giu


June 15, 2018

We circulate an article for our English-speaker correspondents by Comrade Ulisse, Secretary of the CC of the (n)PCI, published on the June issue of Resistenza, paper and online ( monthly of the CARC Party (Support Committees of the Resistance – for Communism) – Italy. We trust that this will be useful both to improve mutual knowledge between organizations working on the rebirth of the communist movement and to develop an analytic evaluation of the first wave of the proletarian revolution.

The Delegation of the CC of the (n)PCI


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Basque Country

An army who learns from his own defeats is meant to win!


Between mid-April and early May of this year, ETA’s executives and militants (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna – Basque Country and Freedom) declared the organization dissolved and the struggle to make the Basque country (currently about 2.5 million of people in Spain and about half a million in France, over an area of about 20 thousand square kilometres) an independent and socialist country as ended. This was a struggle that ETA had begun in 1958, Continua a leggere

Las dos enseñanzas más importantes de la Revolución de Octubre – The two main teachings of the October Revolution

3 Ott

Edizioni in Lingue Estere (EiLE)


Las dos enseñanzas más importantes de la
Revolución de Octubre

Informe del CC del (nuevo)PCI para la October Revolution Centennial Conference Amsterdam 23-24 September 2017


The two main teachings
of the October Revolution

Speech by (new)ICP’s Central Committee for the October Revolution Centennial Conference Amsterdam
(23-24 September 2017)


Para el renacimiento del movimiento comunista consciente y organizado

24 Ago
  • 23 de agosto de 2017Para el renacimiento del movimiento comunista consciente y organizado

    Queridas y queridos camaradas:

    esta carta es para anunciar que en el enlace se encuentra la segunda edición de la traducción al castellano del Manifiesto Programa del (nuevo)Partido comunista italiano. Esta es una versión revisada y mejorada lingüísticamente de la traducción distribuida en junio de 2016. Es posible descargar gratuitamente el texto sea como documento .pdf, sea como documento .doc, sea como documento Open Office. Nuestro Manifiesto Programa está disponibile en el sitio web antes mencionado también en francés como en inglés, y por supuesto en italiano.

¡La victoria del gobierno de Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela fortalece la revolución socialista en nuestro país, Italia!

15 Ago


comunista italiano

Comitato Centrale




BP3  4, rue Lénine   93451 L’Île St Denis


Ediciones en
lenguas extranjeras

Manifiesto Programa
la dirección:

está disponible la traducción en castellano del

Manifiesto Programa

del (nuevo)Partido comunista italiano

Los cuatro temas principales a discutir

en el Movimiento Comunista Internacional
Este documento
establece: 1) Cuáles son los temas que consideramos importantes
para llevar adelante, en el movimiento comunista internacional, la lucha
finalizada a conseguir una superior unidad; 2) Cuáles son
nuestras posiciones sobre estos temas; 3) Cuáles son los
documentos en italiano y en los idiomas comunes (inglés, francés,
castellano), donde nuestras posiciones se explican exhaustivamente, a
disposición de ambas partes.

Comunicado CC 10/2017 – 1º  de agosto de 2017

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 1917: Centenario de la gloriosa Revolución de Octubre, el cambio en la historia de la humanidad

 ¡La victoria del gobierno de Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela fortalece la revolución socialista en nuestro país, Italia!

Elegida en Venezuela la nueva Asamblea Nacional Constituyente


El domingo 30 de julio de 2017, la Revolución Bolivariana ganó una importante batalla contra la Comunidad Internacional de los grupos imperialistas europeos, estadounidenses y sionistas. Las fuerzas reaccionarias en Venezuela, las oligarquías imperialistas en EE.UU., la Unión Europea y los gobiernos rastreros de algunos países de América Latina han movilizado las fuerzas en sus disposición en Venezuela para evitar a toda costa que el pueblo venezolano participara en las elecciones de la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente convocadas por el presidente Nicolás Maduro Moros. Continua a leggere

Viva el Comandante Fidel Castro, fundador de Cuba Socialista

2 Dic

Comunicado CC 23/2016 – 26 de noviembre del 2016

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¡El (nuevo) Partido comunista italiano rinde homenaje a la obra cumplida por Fidel Castro y por sus compañeros de lucha y se asocia al pueblo cubano, a los revolucionarios y a los pueblos oprimidos de todo el mundo alzando el puño en homenaje a su obra y a su memoria!

La desaparición de Fidel Castro adolora a todos los comunistas y los revolucionarios del mundo, ¡pero su obra continúa!

El homenaje que nosotros rendimos a la obra revolucionaria de Fidel Castro consiste en un firme empeño. Continua a leggere

Let’s learn from Greece!

25 Feb
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Central Committee Statement 7/2015 – February 18, 2015

This is useless for hurried readers!
This statement presupposes readers who follow the course of events in their country and in the world, who want to think for themselves on it and find the solution to change its direction towards the moral and intellectual progress of mankind.
Who does not want to give solution to the problems, it ends up to no longer even understand them (Charles Fourier).

Let’s learn from Greece!
Let’s strengthen the fight to establish the People’s Bloc Government!
Let’s strengthen the new Italian Communist Party! 

he constitution of Tsipras government in Greece is the first result of the struggle of Greek popular masses against the effects of the general crisis of capitalism. It will soon leave free range to the advancement of the socialist revolution thanks to the action of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) or it will turn into the reactionary mobilization of the masses. However, already today it is an event of great importance not only for the Greek popular masses, but also Continua a leggere

Antonio Gramsci master of the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries

17 Set

Appeal to the French comrades

so that they take advantage of Gramsci’s teachings in order to make the socialist revolution in France

In an appendix to this Statement you will find the instructions to register for free and watch the French film

Antonio Gramsci – Penseur et Révolutionnaire


Forced by the general crisis of capitalism, the imperialist bourgeoisie has again impressed a disastrous course of misery, degradation, war on humanity and, more than in the past, devastation and pollution of the planet. This course of things will change only establishing socialism in the imperialist countries. Continua a leggere

The Strategy of Socialist Revolution in the Imperialist Countries

27 Mar

(new)Italian Communist Party
Central Committee

EiLE English – Contents

La Voce n. 43 of the (new)Italian Communist Party

March 2013

The Strategy of Socialist Revolution in the Imperialist Countries

Socialist revolution in Italy has the form of the Protracted Revolutionary People’s War against the Papal Republic

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In Italy the core of the Protracted Revolutionary People’s War consists

in constituting underground the Communist Party as center of the New People’s Power of the working class

in the growing mobilization and aggregation of all the revolutionary forces of the society around the communist party

in raising the level of the revolutionary forces

in their utilization according to a plan

for developing a sequence of initiatives putting the class fight at the centre of country’s political life in order to recruit new forces,

for weakening imperialist bourgeoisie’s power, breaking up or paralyzing its institutions and strengthening the New Power,

for succeeding in constituting the armed forces of the revolution,

for leading them in the war against the bourgeoisie until overturning the relations of forces,

for eliminating imperialist bourgeoisie’s State and establish the State of proletariat’s dictatorship.

Socialist revolution is not a popular insurrection (a revolt, an uprising, turning tables or something like this) that sooner or later will break out, that the Party hastens with its propaganda and fostering the popular struggles, preparing itself to head it. Socialist revolution is a war that the Party promotes and during which it builds the New Power. Continua a leggere

Viva Commander Hugo Chavez Frias!

21 Mar

(nuovo)Partito comunista italiano

Comitato Centrale




BP3 4, rue Lénine 93451 L’Île St Denis (Francia)


9/2013 CC Statement – 2013, March 5th
( version )

Hugo Chavez has given a great impetus to the cause of the emancipation of the oppressed classes and peoples from the chains of the world imperialist system!


His life and his work continue in the second wave of proletarian revolution that advances all over the world!

Hugo Chavez Frias will go down in history and will have a growing place in the hearts and memories of all the peoples of the world. Over the years it will appear more and more clearly that the work he did in the years he led Venezuela has had historical importance for all peoples of the world. Continua a leggere